Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Look of Cotton

I find I go off on tangents, quite often actually. I don't know if it's the way my brain operates or maybe I just find too many interesting things to explore. Lately, it's been cotton fields.

pencil and watercolor
I relocated to the Outer Banks from Massachusetts, land of the cranberry bogs. I found the bogs enticing with their rich colors and earthy feel plus the fact they only captured my attention during their brief harvesting season. After moving to the South, I found the cotton fields that lined the road to my island drew me in like the bogs used to. But time changes things. And now those former cotton fields have been replaced by vineyards, soybeans and rapeseed. They are beautiful in their own way. I took great pleasure in painting the bright yellow rapeseed this spring, but I miss the cotton. 

Fortunately, there are still lots of cotton fields further over on the mainland, and this year I am sated. I began researching the life of cotton and now know about bolls, bur and locks. I've been lucky that some of the fields still hold their bounty and harvesting is not yet finished, giving me a few more days to work.
One of my original sketches.

My favorite cotton field painting sold two days ago. It was a hard one to let go. But this coming Tuesday, I'm set to go sketch a family's soybean field in honor of a gentleman's passing. I know I'll find earthly beauty in that field too. It will offer its own set of greens and earth tones along with rows of promise. I love being asked to sketch someone's fields or gardens; to be able to preserve those moments for a family.

As far as my tangents, my daughter-in-law got me a book I wanted on space and my mind is whirling madly.

This was my favorite that just sold.

gesso, watercolor, pastel and acrylic

pencil and watercolor

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Governors Project

People wonder why I continue to work on this project, and just today, as I was setting up my show, someone asked that very question. I do it because even though most people have "moved on" from the Las Vegas shootings, I have not. 

Sadly each week, think about that for a minute, each week and sometime twice a week, 
another horror takes place in this country. 
So I will continue to spread my words and art with hope 
they will touch a few hearts.

This first painting is a Guam Rail and yes, it is headed to Governor Calvo of Guam.

This painting of the Nene is off to Governor Ige of Hawaii.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Governors Project

Pardon my lack of posting but I am in the middle of show season. In light of the latest horrors, I decided this might be a good time to catch you up on The Governors Project. I have received letters from two governors which have given me hope. Perhaps the words on these paintings will offer hope to you too.

The captions will tell you what each bird is and who it has been sent to.

Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado - Lark Bunting

Governor Malloy of Connecticut - Robin

Governor Carney of Delaware - Delaware Blue Hen

Governor Deal of Georgia - Brown Thrasher

Governor Scott of Florida - Mockingbird