Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Governors Project

People wonder why I continue to work on this project, and just today, as I was setting up my show, someone asked that very question. I do it because even though most people have "moved on" from the Las Vegas shootings, I have not. 

Sadly each week, think about that for a minute, each week and sometime twice a week, 
another horror takes place in this country. 
So I will continue to spread my words and art with hope 
they will touch a few hearts.

This first painting is a Guam Rail and yes, it is headed to Governor Calvo of Guam.

This painting of the Nene is off to Governor Ige of Hawaii.


  1. You are the voice calling out in the wilderness - do not let us forget! Love your artwork and your choice to keep others' eyes on what is important for us to remain human.

  2. Thank you. Need to hear that cuz I'm tired. Doing lots of shows and trying to get other things done. But I'll plug on and hopefully be able to share a new post this weekend.